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Welcome Film Fans...
Hey there...a few of us film fanatic bozos trade 'ten best' lists every year around Oscar time and we always like to see how we do versus the bozos who get paid to do reviews. So I've gone to the trouble of compiling the Top 10 and Worst 10 lists of various movie critics alongside our picks. I've also compiled some other lists including awards from various film critic groups, professional associations, foreign film associations, and film festivals. Now that the Oscars are over, I'm taking a sabbatical for a few months.

New Stuff...
March 24, 1997 -  Oscars and Razzies awarded.
March 22, 1997 -  Independent Spirit Awards, American Cinema Editors 'Eddie' Awards, and Cinema Audio Society awards announced.
March 20, 1997 -  Las Vegas odds updated.
March 16, 1997 -  Writers Guild of America awards announced.

The Movies...

Compiled in this section are several calculated rankings based on the average scores of critics from their Top 10 lists, the Internet Movie Database, Las Vegas odds, and box office receipts. Click on the movie name to see it's entry in the Internet Movie Database:

 - Big Night
 - Breaking the Waves
 - Evita
 - Fargo
 - Jerry Maguire
 - Lone Star
 - Secrets & Lies
 - Shine
 - The English Patient
 - The People v Larry Flynt
 - Trainspotting
 - Welcome to the Dollhouse

Internet Movie Database

Critics Top 10 Lists...

Found here are the lists I've compiled from various media critics whose opinions I consider at least somewhat worthy. Worthless reviewers like Susan Granger are omitted. Critics you'll find here:

 - John Anderson
 - David Ansen
 - Sheila Benson
 - Mike Clark
 - Richard Corliss
 - Roger Ebert
 - Owen Gleiberman
 - Leonard Maltin
 - Janet Maslin
 - Michael Medved
 - Gene Siskel
 - Peter Travers
 - Kenneth Turan
 - Bruce Williamson

Group Awards...

Here you'll find the awards from the major professional industry groups and associations, and some entertaining not-so-professional groups. Some are prestigious, others self-serving. I'll leave it to the reader to decide the merits of each:

 - American Cinema Editors
 - American Society of Cinematographers
 - Cinema Audio Society
 - Directors Guild of America
 - Film Information Council
 - Independent Spirit Awards
 - Motion Picture Sound Editors
 - Natl. Assoc. of Theater Owners
 - Producers' Guild of America
 - Publicists' Guild of America
 - Screen Actors Guild
 - USC Scripter Award
 - Writers' Guild of America
 - Academy Awards (Oscars)
 - Golden Globes (HFPA)
 - Golden Raspberry Awards
 - International Press Academy

Critics' Groups

Listed here are the awards of the major film critics' groups:
 - Boston Society Of Film Critics
 - Broadcast Film Critics Assoc.
 - Chicago Film Critics Assoc.
 - Los Angeles Film Critics Assoc.
 - National Board of Review
 - National Society of Film Critics
 - New York Film Critics Circle
Foreign Awards...

Listed here are the awards of the major foreign film associations and critics' groups. Included are:

 - Australian Film Institute
 - Australian Film Critics' Circle
 - British Academy of Film and Television
 - Cesars (French 'Oscars')
 - Felix (European 'Oscars')
 - Genies (Canadian 'Oscars')
 - Goyas (Spanish 'Oscars')
 - London Film Critics' Circle
Film Festivals

Here you'll find the awards of the major film festivals of 1996. Included are:

 - Cannes Film Festival
 - Sundance Film Festival
 - Toronto Film Festival
 - Venice Film Festival
Bozo Awards...

And last but not least, here lie the picks of us, the ignorant viewing audience. To submit your own picks, go to the user submission page.

BONUS! - Special feature article by a bozo. Handicap the Oscars explains why Geoffrey Rush had to win the best actor Oscar.

Disclaimer: "Oscar", "Academy Award" and the Oscar statue picture are registered trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and are used here without permission.

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