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They Get Paid to Watch Movies...
It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Included below are the picks of respected movie critics. Sorry, you won't find the benighted Joel Siegel or dim-witted Susan Granger here. Even the supposedly enlightened pundits on my list have their moments of absurdity (e.g. the supposedly smarter of the pair Gene Siskel picks "Kingpin" (!) and the normally reliable Richard Corliss falls for that Madonna-as-petty-despot-tripe "Evita".) If the reviewer below has a net presence, click on their name to go there and see an index of their reviews...

The Critics' Ten Best Movies of 1996...
Name John Anderson David Ansen Sheila Benson Mike Clark Richard Corliss Roger Ebert Owen Gleiberman Leonard Maltin Janet Maslin Michael Medved UPDATED! Gene Siskel Kenneth Turan Peter Travers Bruce Williamson
Org Newsday Newsweek USA Today Time Magazine Chicago Sun-Times Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Tonight New York Times New York Post Chicago Tribune Los Angeles Times Rolling Stone Playboy
1 Breaking the Waves Secrets & List Breaking the Waves Anne Frank Remembered The English Patient Fargo Breaking the Waves Fargo The English Patient Emma Fargo The English Patient / Secrets & Lies (tie) The People vs. Larry Flynt -Unknown-
2 The Crows L'America Secrets & Lies Big Night Big Night Breaking the Waves Big Night Secrets & Lies The People vs. Larry Flynt Big Night Secrets & Lies   Fargo -Unknown-
3 Big Night Big Night The English Patient The Crucible Trainspotting Secrets & Lies Trainspotting Lone Star Breaking the Waves Everyone Says I Love You Breaking the Waves Shine The English Patient -Unknown-
4 The People vs. Larry Flynt Land and Freedom Shine The English Patient Lone Star Lone Star The Crucible Courage Under Fire Lone Star One Upon A Time When We Were Colored The English Patient L'America Lone Star -Unknown-
5 The White Balloon Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud The Portrait of a Lady Jerry Maguire Chungking Express Welcome to the Dollhouse Trees Lounge Stealing Beauty Flirting with Disaster The Spitfire Grill Lone Star The People vs. Larry Flynt Shine -Unknown-
6 Secrets & Lies Breaking the Waves La Ceremonie The People vs. Larry Flynt Secrets & Lies Bound I Shot Andy Warhol Shine Secrets & Lies Shine Looking for Richard Jerry Maguire Big Night -Unknown-
7 Fargo Dead Man Lone Star Ridicule Flirting with Disaster Hamlet Twister Jerry Maguire Looking for Richard That Thing You Do! Paradise Lost Trainspotting Secrets & Lies -Unknown-
8 La Ceremonie The English Patient Dead Man Secrets & Lies Everyone Says I Love You Everyone Says I Love You Swingers The English Patient Fargo The Crucible Welcome to the Dollhouse Lone Star Welcome to the Dollhouse -Unknown-
9 Dead Man Chungking Express Maborosi Tin Cup Evita Heidi Fleiss: The Hollywood Madam The People vs. Larry Flynt Get on the Bus The Crucible Ridicule Kingpin Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud The Crucible -Unknown-
10 Chungking Express Jerry Maguire (tie)
The People vs. Larry Flynt
The People vs. Larry Flynt When We Were Kings Jerry Maguire Big Night Tin Cup Sling Blade Mother Cold Comfort Farm Bound Land and Freedom When We Were Kings -Unknown-

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