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  Handicap The Oscars:
Academy Award Winners Playing the Disabled, the Diseased, or the Deranged

 by Larry Stevens, movie bozo and distinguished guest contributor

[Editor's note - This is the first time a contributor to the page also sent in an article. I don't usually publish guest articles. However, in this case, Larry has kept with the spirit of the page and done some totally useless, but terribly interesting, analysis. Hence the article's appearance.]
FIRST: by the decades:
1930's: 3
1940's: 3
1950's: 4
1960's: 3
1970's: 1
1980's: 3
1990's: 8 AND with 4 years still to go!!

And now, the list...

S = Supporting actor or actress
A = Actually possessed the disability, disease, or derangement; did not have to act it.
Actor or Actress
Disability, disease
or derangement
ALionel Barrymore1931A Free SoulAlcoholic
 Frederic March1931-2Dr. Jeykll and Mr. HydeMultiple personalities
 Bette Davis1935DangerousAlcoholic
 Ray Milland1945The Lost WeekendAlcoholic
SAHarold Russel1946The Best Years of Our LivesLost hands in the war
 Laurence Olivier1947HamletMental instability
AVivien Leigh1951Streetcar Named DesireDepression
 Ingrid Bergman1955AnastasiaSuicidal
 Anthony Quinn1956Lust for LifePsychotic
 Joanne Woodward1957Three Faces of EveMultiple personalities
SPatty Duke1962The Miracle WorkerBlind, Deaf, and Dumb
SLila Kedrova1964Zorba the GreekDelusions
 Cliff Robertson1968CharleyMentally retarded
SJohn Mills1970Ryan's DaughterVillage idiot, mute
AMarlee Matlin1986Children of a Lesser GodDeaf and Dumb
 Dustin Hoffman1988Rain ManAutistic
 Daniel Day Lewis1989My Left FootCerebral palsy
 Kathy Bates1990MiseryPsychotic
 Anthony Hopkins1991Silence of the LambsCannibal
 Al Pacino1992Scent of a WomanBlind
 Tom Hanks1993PhiladelphiaAIDS
 Holly Hunter1993The PianoMute
 Tom Hanks1994Forrest GumpMentally retarded
 Jessica Lange1994Blue SkyMentally unstable
  Nicolas Cage1995Leaving Las VegasAlcoholic