BIFF was born of brutal necessity -- the beer wars of the late Twentieth century spawned a scourge the likes of which mankind had not seen since the Bubonic Plague. The killer this time was a seemingly innocuous creature beloved by children and environmentalists the world over. Known by its scientific name, Sphenisciformes, the penguin mutated from a harmless bird of Southern climes into a vicious predator that roamed the entire Earth.

Scientists theorized that mankind had brought the dread upon himself -- accelerated depletion of the ozone layer from man-made chemicals led to a seasonal ozone hole over the South Pole. The penguin, formerly docile and huggable, mutated into a fearsome and loathsome monster that to this day terrorizes innocent beer drinkers. Sphenisciformes has a predilection for a brand of beer native to North America -- Bud Ice.

It was in response to this self-made terror that survivors banded together. Victims formed small groups at first, but the crafty penguin quickly adapted and crushed any who dared resist them. It was out of this defeat that the Bud Ice Freedom Fighters arose. BIFF now claims a growing legion of brave resistance fighters.

BIFF survives by keeping its membership secret -- to keep a list of all members would invite mass genocide. BIFF members have formed small cell groups across North America that trade tips on Penguin fighting tactics (see the BIFF Combat Survival Manual) and keep each other informed of the neverending struggle for freedom. The battle-cry of the Bud Ice Freedom Fighter rings true...

Doo bee doo bee die!